Instruction For Authors

Guidelines for Submissions to the Journal of Korea Game Society

1. The manuscript should deal with contents related to computer games and their various applications, and must consist of subject matter that contributes to the development of scholarship, the game industry or be acknowledged to contain original material. A manuscript which has already been submitted to or published in other journals or periodicals will not be considered and/or should not be overlapped for publication.

2. All authors must be current members of the Korea Game Society in the year of submission with the exception of invited authors.

3. The editorial board can require the author to make revisions in the manuscript. If the author does not respond within three months after he/she has been requested to revise his/her manuscript, the responsible editor will consider this to be an indication that the author has no interest in publishing the manuscript.

4. Authors of a published paper are responsible for the contents of his/her manuscript. The first author is considered as to be the leader author, and the level of contribution is recognized in name order listed. The corresponding author will be indicated at the paper if it is possible.

5. Manuscripts can be submitted to the Society office at anytime, and the date when secretariat receives the manuscript shall be designed as the submission date.

6. All manuscripts should be written in Korean (including the Chinese characters) or English using HWP or MS-WORD format. The manuscript must be submitted through the submission system of the society in publication format of no more than 10 pages including pictures and tables.

7. The manuscript should be written in the order of title, names, affiliations in Korean and title, names, affiliations in English, abstract, key words in Korean, and abstract, key words in English, main body, reference and appendices. If the manuscript is written in English, title, names, affiliations abstract and key words in Korean are omitted.

8. The number of words in the abstract of the manuscript should be greater than 300 and less than 500, and the number of key words should be greater than 3 and less than 7.

9. References must be written in the order to be cited in the bibliography as the following sequence: in the case of academic journals, the bibliography must be written in English as the order of [number], authors, "title", name of academic journal, volume, number, page(s), year of issued; in the case of a book, the order differs: [number], authors, "title of book", page, publisher, year of issue. For references that have direct relation to the content of the manuscript, reference numbers must be written in brackets ([ ]) at the end of the related tex of main body.

Figures. Each figure with its caption below it, on a separate page, should follow the text page on which it is first cited. The quality of the submitted electronic files determines the final quality of the published illustrations. Diagrams, graphs, charts, and other artwork should be created with dark text and lines on white or other light backgrounds. Use of color is acceptable provided it enhances presentation of the science. Remember that artwork and graphs must fit a one-column (8.25 cm) or two-column (17.78 cm) format. The maximum height is 24 cm. For best results, submit illustrations in the actual size at which they should appear. If artwork will need to be reduced, choose a lettering size large enough to be legible after the figure is reduced. Avoid using complex textures and shading; these do not reproduce well. To show a pattern, use a simple crosshatch design. Electronic figures should be submitted in TIFF, EPS, or JPEG formats with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

[1] F. I. Parke, "Parameterized models for facial animation", IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 2, No. 9, pp. 61-68, 1982.
[2] Gene, G. and Charles. L, "Matrix computations", 3rd Ed., p.345, Jones Hopkins, 1996.
[3] Gil Dong Hong, "Computer Game", pp.123-140, Game Publisher, 1999.

10. Numbers of chapters and sections must be written in Arabic numerals, for example: 1., 1.1, 1.1.1, 1), (1).

11. All contents and captions for figures and tables are written in English, and the caption should be represented at center of bottom in case of figure and center of top in case of table.
(Example: [Fig. 1], [Table 1])

12. A manuscript review normally takes three weeks. Therefore, a manuscript review process takes at least 35 days before the desired publication date. If the author wants an urgent review, he/she must submit the manuscript at least 28 days prior to publication.

13. In the case of papers that have been selected for publication, the authors of the paper must submit a profile of not more than 200 words with their name, affiliation and photograph.

14. All authors must pay a review fee of 50,000 KRW when they submit their manuscript. If the author wants an urgent review, he/she must pay an urgent review fee of 200,000 KRW.

15. For an accepted paper, the author shall pay the following publishing fee calculated according to the number of pages. If acknowledgement is to be explicitly included on the published manuscript, author must pay an additional fee of 50,000 KRW.

Number of Pages

Publishing Fee

less than or equal to 10 pages

200,000 KRW

greater than 10 pages

30,000 KRW per 1 additional page

16. Papers will be published in the order of those accepted for publication. However, if the paper is requested as an urgent publication in the accepted papers, it can be published under approval of the editor-in-chief. Then, author must pay an urgent publication fee of 100,000 KRW additionally.

17. Ten extra copies of the published paper will be given to the author. If the author wants additional copies, he/she must request the number of additional copies when the paper is accepted and pay the actual printing expenses.

18. Papers published in the Journal cannot be copied without the permission of the Society.

19. Each author of a published paper is considered to have approved of it being read by an unspecified number of people when his/her paper appears in database format.

20. The publication dates are February 20th, April 20th, June 20th, August 20th, October 20th, and December 20th.

21. These regulations become effective December 1, 2012.